Supercharge your mortgage vertical

We work with aggregators to maximise the potential of their mortgage vertical, powering journeys that activate, engage and convert

How we help aggregators

Pre-approve your customers with our intelligent product engine

Combining Koodoo’s unique sourcing system with lender eligibility rules, we remove uncertainty from the mortgage application process by showing customers which products they are approved for, dramatically increasing conversion. We also work with lenders to develop exclusive products for your audience.


Connect your customers directly with leading lenders

Koodoo integrates directly with leading lenders so that you don’t have to. Leverage our APIs and commercial relationships to give your customers direct access to the lender that best matches their needs, maximising conversion and introducer fees for you.


Monitor the market and notify your customers when they could save

Our mortgage monitoring and personalised marketing tools help improve customer targeting, enhance activation, and qualify leads. Maintain engagement with your users over the life of their mortgage with our out-of-the-box tools.


Harness the power of data

We integrate directly with an ecosystem of partners, and provide you with the customer, product, and property data you need. Our integrations mean no rekeying of information. As well as saving hours of time for each application, a single view of the data gives you the compliance oversight you need.

Get up and running quickly

Mortgage permissions built-in

As an FCA authorised arranger of mortgages, we are able to provide you with relevant permissions to get started today.

Pre-built lender integrations

Our existing integrations mean that you can get started quickly with minimal integration costs.

Developer-centric APIs

Koodoo’s comprehensive documentation and test environments help you integrate quickly and safely.

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